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Mingda Magician Max

The Mingda Magician X is equipped with everything you need for a pleasant and hassle-free printing experience. Due to the simple assembly, which consists of only one step, and the automatic levelling, the Magician X is also ideal for 3D printing beginners.

Other features such as the dual-gear direct drive extruder, the ultra-quiet TMC2209 silent drivers and the dual Z-axis with toothed belt make the Magician X a 3D printer with a good price-performance ratio.


Print size

32×32×40cm (15.7″×12.6″×12.6″)


Self-developed Automatic Leveling

Filament diameter

1.75 mm

Printing material


Nozzle size

0.4mm default, wide range of other nozzles supported


Direct Drive,Double Gears

Filament run-out detection


Max nozzle temperature

260 °C/500 °F

Max heatbed temperature

110 °C/230 °F

Average speed

6-8 cm/s,2.3-3.1 in./s

Control panel

3.5 inch colorful LCD touch screen

Print interface

SD Card,U Disk,USB-C


Double threaded rod with synchronous belt

Machine Weight


Machine Dimension

55.5 x 43 x 66cm / 21.9*16.9*25.9in(X×Y×Z)

Product Highlights

Large Build Size

The printing size is up to 320 x 320 x 400 mm,the large objects can be printed in one piece.

One-Click Leveling

Leveling is the Key to printing successfully,just need1 click, the Mingda self-developed Auto-Leveling function will automatically fast and accurately compensate for the unevenness of the heated bed via 16-points, help you always get the perfect first layer to ensure the good printing

Ultra-fast Data Collection

It features an advanced dual-gear direct extruder. Compared to the only one active gear. Dual gears ensure more precise filament control and can prevent the filament from slipping quickly. Compatible with flexible materials, the printer can reduce jitter in filament transmission and ensure printing smoothly

Fast Printing

The maximum printing speed is 200mm/s (Average speed is 90mm/s, 200% faster than competitive products). Faster speed enables you to enjoy more joy of 3d printing.

Double & Synchronized Z-axis

The large print volume of the Magician Max is stabilized by a double-driven Z-axis. each driven by an independent motor, are additionally connected with a toothed belt at the upper end of the frame. This synchronizes them and stabilizes their movements even more.

Almost Plug & Play

High Modular design allows the printer to be assembled only in 5 minutes, help start quick and much time saving

Automatic Filament Detection & Resume Printing

It will pause the printing process if you run out of your filament, or if the filament is broken. Easily continue printing from power failure or pause, saves time and filament.

Ultra Silent Printing

Exclusive silent mechanical structure design, operates very quietly with an average volume around 40-50 decibels

Belt Tensioner & Built in drawer

Magician Max have some friendly design including support multiply connection via full size SD-Card, U disk,USB-C,Belt tensioner on X,Y axis to help you tweak the tightness. And a built-in drawer to stock the tools.

Learn more about Magician X:

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