3D Printers

EP-P3850 SLS 3D Printer

With Eplus3D polymer powder bed fusion(PPBF™) technology, EP-P3850 system is able to sinter polymer materials to produce functional test parts in small batches directly. The equipment adopts a removable forming cylinder design, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces standby time of the equipment.



PA11, PA11CF, PA12, PA12GF

Build Volume

380 x 380 x 500 mm³

Layer Thickness

0.1 mm ( 0.08-0.3 mm to choose )

Build Accuracy

±0.15mm ( part size ≤100mm ) , ±0.15% ( part size ≥100mm )

Material Feed Mode

Automatic loading, bi-directional powder feeding

Laser Power

CO₂ laser, 55 w

Scanning System

Dynamic scanning focus

Scanning Speed

7.8 m/s (max)

OS System Support

Windows 7

Control Software

Eplus 3D printing software

Air Supply

Compressed air, N2 protective gas

Power Supply

380 v, 50 Hz, 3-phase

Output Data Format

STL or Other Convertible File


1400 x 1300 x 2450 mm³ ( L x W x H )

Machine Weight

1600 kg

Work Temperature


Product Highlights

Selective Laser Sintering

E-Plus 3D EP-P3850, adopts selective laser sintering
(SLS) technology is designed to meet functional tests in in-
dustrial applications at anaffordable price. With the build size
of 380 x 380 x 500 mm , EP-P3850 covers the medium build
volume range and delivers high-property thermoplastics.

High Efficiency & High Quality

The forming cylinder of EP-P3850 is detachable which increases the manufacturing and sintering efficiency, and reduces the standby time of the machine.

Wide Application

The Nylon printer can be widely applied in applications like mold making, automotive, and domestic appliance. Also the printed parts can be used to show creative display in culture, creative, costume and housewares etc.


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