3D Scanners

Falcon 3DX

Automatic Profesional Jewelry 3D Scanner

Fully Automatic

2-axis scan platform makes scanning fully automatic

270 Degrees Full Swing Movement

Minimize blind spots with 270 degrees full swing movement

3DX Engine Scan Software

The most intuitive scanning software offers simple interface, latest algorithm, powerful features and auto updates

Open STL

Outputs polygonised STL format data, fully compatible with your CAD software, or 3D printers 

Specialized for Jewelry

3D scanner optimized for jewelry applications for professionals



Optical Structured Light Technology


2MP, 5MP (Twin-Camera)

Scan Area Size

FOV 120mm (2MP) & FOV 50, 120mm (5MP) / FOV 4.724 inch (2MP) & FOV 1.968, 4.724 inch (5MP)


Automatic 2-axis (Rotation 360° / Swing 270°)


295(W) X 475(H) X 340(D) mm / 11.614(W) X 18.700(H) X 13.385(D) inch


15 kg / 33.069 lbs

Data Output

Open STL (Polygon Mesh / Fully ready for 3D printers)


110~240V, 50~60Hz


USB 3.0


Windows 10 (64bit)

Falcon 3DX Models

Standard Resolution

– Ideal for: Figures, simple stones,
  gems, large jewelry 
– Max scan area: 120mm 
– Resolution: 0.06 mm

High Resolution (5mp)

– Ideal for: Jewelry with high details
– Max Scan area: 120mm 
– Resolution: 0.036 mm

Ultra Resolution (5mp)

– Ideal for: Small jewelry pieces with
  high detail, complex features
– Max Scan area: 60mm
– Resolution: 0.018 mm 

Design Use Cases

Learn more about Falcon 3DX:

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